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By Luzia

As far back as medieval times, crystal balls or other shiny objects or surfaces were used as means of predicting the future. Modern day crystal balls come in different forms, but are usually glass or polished crystal. Whatever the form used, the Crystal-Ball can help you look at a situation in your life from a different perspective so that you can make better decisions (or just be entertained).  
The Crystal-Ball reading draws random Numbers, Yes/No/Wait and Answers with helpful quotes.

Get your lucky number for the day, week, month or year.
If it is a 2 or 3 digit number and you would rather have a single digit, add the numbers together until they become 1 digit.
The numbers"777" and "888" are the luckiest numbers.

You need to make a decision, but you may have a hard time knowing, what direction to take. See what the Crystal-Ball says.

If something is worrying you and you feel that you need a new viewpoint, try the Answer reading.

This application is extremely user friendly and will work in the offline mode. To protect your security the application will not communicate with other websites to send, request, or fetch data/images.


Also 1 and 3 TarotCard iPhone and iPad readings.

By Luzia

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